100% Kona Coffee K-cup


  • 100% Kona Coffee K-cup

    At Savory Coffee. We specialize in Hawaii’s finest 100% grown Kona and Ka’u K-cup coffee. The world’s prestige region is known for its beautiful beaches, exotic flowers, and enchanting volcanos.

    The world of coffee expects great-tasting savoring coffee.  Through countless trials and errors, surveys, reviews, and much more to make this product available.  The extremely high demand for 100% Kona-grown k-cup coffee is not widely available in stores.  Extremely hard to find.  Until NOW.

    Savory Coffee Single Serve Pods. 100% recyclable pods. Compatible with k cup brewer systems. Using an up airtight seal in freshness pods. 



    Each pod is weighed and sealed manually to perfection.  To ensure the product passes assessment and QC.

    Hand Packed Coffee
    Hand Packed Coffee

    Having a high-quality product comes with limitations and availability.

    How It Works

    Pods Brewing System
    Pods Brewing Syste

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100% Kona Grown Coffee K-cups

  • 10 – 0.388 (11g) Cups
  • NET WT 3.88OZ (3.88g)
  • MORE COFFEE – savory single-serve pods have deeper stronger filters that hold more coffee for richer fuller flavor.
  • ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE – Hand pack filled with the famous coffee you like. Great fresh roasted coffee meets single-serve convenience. Try adding spices or other ingredients to your tasty pods.
  • RECYCLE OUR PODS – Pods are made with 100% BPA-Free, recyclable materials (#5). Just rinse and recycle. No need to separate or break down like other pods.  See your local recycling centers for more information.  Some recycling locations may be not easily accessible.
  • TAKE ANYWHERE – Fill with our favorite coffee to brew at work or home. Anywhere anytime. Freshness is locked in with the airtight seal!
  • Are my fill cup pods reusable or refillable? – It is possible with a few caveats. Used pods can be squeezed to pop the lid, dump the grounds, rinse the filter, refill and close the lid.
  • Please note that repeated use will not seal the pod as before so you may have a few grounds leak out as the pods will no longer be air-tight. For best shelf life, and no leak transport, continue to use your first use fully sealed pods

Additional information

Weight110.6 g


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