Huggy Friend


Huggy Bears
Huggy Bears

For Children

The Huggy friend was born in October 2022, atop the mountains of Huggyland.  Alone in a world full of precious gifts. They needed to find more happy homes and bring warmth and smiles.  Not just for little children, but also for adults.

Children around the world always need someone or something to talk to, play with, hug, and so much more.  As children venture off into their own fantasy lands.  To bring alongside them.  Each huggy friend would be given a special name that suits the child.  A name to call their own.

Every child’s early life has those scary thoughts or moments.  Where comfort or feeling safe is much needed.  Especially when no one is around.  Each and every child have their own language to which only themselves and the stuffed animal can understand.  Understanding plays a key role in a child’s life.

For Adults

Huggy friend has a much different role in daily life.  For those with or without children.

For those with children.  As mentioned above.  But, it goes a lot further than that.  Keeping a child occupied is a challenge in itself.  As you try desperately to accomplish your daily tasks.  Just starting the day with a simple cup of coffee can be hair-pulling.

Also, giving the gift of a hug for any occasion.  The most popular, of course, is for children.  But, including for valentines day with chocolates, flowers, hospital visits, the list goes on and on.  The meaning that goes with a stuffed animal adds a personal touch to it.  Most times it has a story attached to it or a future endeavor.  Some may have little hidden secrets…

With some having emotional attachments.

What’s most exciting about a stuffed animal?  Only the person giving or receiving a stuffed animal knows its true entity.  A fantasy of its own.

Huggy Friend Video
Huggy Friend Video


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